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March 28th, 2008

04:42 pm - By Request
Brightstar61 "hopped" into bambernews to tell me to post this over here. Hope I get some responses!

Jamie's birthday is April 3rd. Our man will be 35, eh wot?

In hono(u)r of this ceremonious occasion, the buns have gotten him a gift, and  In Lieu of a card, we are collecting wellwishes and mini-reviews from all the various Jamie communities I am associated with. People are doing one of two styles, basically. [hermione] F'example[/hermione]

People have been saying things along the lines of

"Dear Jamie, Just a quick line to say happy birthday, and I hope the best for you and your family in the coming year and always. "


"Dear Jamie, What to say? First off, a very happy 35th birthday to you. I just saw shifting sands for the first time a few weeks ago - hard to believe little Bean is now Lee Adama. Speaking of Bean, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you in Shifting Sands. You were without question the most talented actor of the bunch, and even in a "student film" you could tell that you took it seriously - flashes of the brilliance you would later exhibit elsewhere. It was a real treat! My favorite part was watching Bean try and fend off Debbie's advances without beaing mean or obvious that the only reason he was spending time with her was to be nearer to Danny. Kind of a complex role, but you really made the most of it. Of course, I think your best work thus far is as Lee Adama. The speech at the end of Crossroads II was incredibly climactic and moving. It seems to me that Lee has finally found his belief and conviction - that it's not enough to go on living, you need to be deserving of it. You did a fantastic job portraying both outward critisism and inner blame. I've done a bit of acting myself (nothing professional) but I know how hard it can be to slowly crescendo, to use subtlety instead of over-the-top characterizations, and really build your character toward a defining moment. You have a gift for all three, and I look foreward to seeing you utilize your talents in all your future projects. Again, have a lovely birthday, and thanks for everything." 

I made both of those examples up, and I tend towards the verbose myself, I think that's about as long as the longest one - but I have decent amounts of both styles of entries. Whatever's clever.

I would be hono(u)red if any of you would participate. To do so, PM me or email me your submission at beyondinsane@bamberbunnies.com by APRIL 3rd. We will be delivering it to him at the London Convention.

Much affection,


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October 17th, 2006

05:50 pm - Lee Pitties
Lee PittiesCollapse )
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October 16th, 2006

04:59 pm - Lee Piccies
Lee PicsCollapse )
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October 15th, 2006

06:09 pm - Lee Piccie Spam
Lee PicsCollapse )
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October 14th, 2006

11:17 pm - wanna have that
this is a scan from entertainment weekly.
i haven't seen it in this journal before and i think it's worth sharing.
what do you think? ;-)


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07:13 pm - Missed Me?
Missed My Bam Bam'sCollapse )
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October 12th, 2006

10:00 pm
A bit older pic...but still one of my favs...Read more...Collapse )

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01:58 am
all smilesCollapse )

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October 10th, 2006

11:28 pm
Tonight...the first picture I ever saw of Jamie. Read more...Collapse )

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October 9th, 2006

10:53 pm
Continuing with the Con. and hate of water pitcher theme. Read more...Collapse )

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